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ElemBio Catalyst

ElemBio Catalyst is a native data storage and analysis add-on within ElemBio Cloud. ElemBio Catalyst supports cloud storage connections that Element hosts and manages on your behalf. Element also supports compute activities and sets up a Bases2Fastq verified flow, which you can then customize with optional arguments.

To use ElemBio Catalyst, purchase the ElemBio Catalyst add-on or subscribe to a 45-day free trial.

Initial Setup

The ElemBio Catalyst add-on automatically creates the following services:

  • Two cloud storage buckets that Element manages on your behalf:
    • One bucket that stores run data from your AVITI Systems
    • One bucket that stores files output from analysis flows
  • A verified Bases2Fastq flow with the default configuration of the latest version and no optional parameters
  • Access to data browsing and file downloading features on the Run Details pages for your runs

Data Storage Retention

Data in cloud storage buckets for ElemBio Catalyst are available to download directly from ElemBio Cloud for 30 days after creation. After 30 days, the data are archived and available upon request for up to one year after creation. All data are deleted one year after creation.

Set Up ElemBio Catalyst

  1. On the Providers page, select ElemBio Catalyst.
  2. In the Region drop-down menu, select the preferred region.
    • For optimal performance, select the region closest to you.
    • For more information on available regions, see Supported Regions.
  3. Select Get Started!

    ElemBio Cloud can take a few minutes to set up the ElemBio Catalyst features. After it completes, ElemBio Cloud displays cards for the ElemBio Catalyst storage connections and Bases2Fastq flow.

Add a Region

With the ElemBio Catalyst add-on, multiple regions are available for the cloud storage buckets. Additional regions are not available with the 45-day free trial.

  1. On the Providers page, select the ElemBio Catalyst card.
  2. In the Region drop-down menu, select the additional region. For more information on available regions, see Supported Regions.
  3. Select Save.

Supported Regions

Currently, ElemBio Catalyst supports the following regions with AWS cloud storage buckets. To request support for another region, contact Element Technical Support.

Europe (Frankfurt)eu-central-1
Europe (Ireland)eu-west-1
US West (Oregon)us-west-2