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Remote Run Monitoring

ElemBio Cloud synchronizes with connected systems to update run monitoring information in real time. Review the information on the following pages:

  • Active Runs: Summarizes information for the most recent runs, grouped by instrument.
  • All Runs: Displays information for active and historical runs from connected systems.
  • Run Details: Displays detailed information for a run.

Active Runs

Cards on the Active Runs page display high-level information about each active and recently completed sequencing run. The page orders the cards by instrument and side A or B, resembling the instrument display. A dynamic gauge graphic on each card visualizes the run progress and the number of cycles completed, changing colors for different statuses.

The cards update as follows.

  • When a run is in progress, the card information updates in real time. The card links to the Run Details page for the run.
  • When a run is no longer in progress, the card displays information for the last run executed. The card footer indicates the side is available, and the card links to the Run Details page for the run.
  • The card always displays a badge for the most recent run status.

Figure 1: Example cards on an Active Runs page

Active Runs

All Runs

The All Runs table displays a complete list of data for active and historical runs. Buttons filter runs, hide and show columns, and navigate table pages. The Run Name and Run ID fields link to the Run Details page for the run.

Remove a Run

Remove a run to eliminate the run from ElemBio Cloud. Although a removed run no longer appears, the data remain archived and hidden. If you accidentally remove a run, contact Element Technical Support to restore it.

  1. On the All Runs page, locate the run you want to remove.
  2. In the Actions column, select More, and then select Remove.
  3. When prompted, enter the name of the run.
  4. Select Remove to remove the run.

Run Details

A Run Details page displays the complete record of a sequencing run. The page includes the following features:

  • Run Overview: Visualizes the current run status in a gauge graphic.
  • Run Setup: Displays run setup details.
  • Run Configuration: Displays detailed information about the run, cartridge, buffer bottle, and flow cell.
  • Primary Analysis Metrics: Displays key run metrics, including reads, yield, Q30, and percent reads passing filter (%PF).
  • Primary Analysis: Graphs metrics, such as PhiX error rates and Q30, throughout Read 1 (R1) and Read 2 (R2). See Metrics and Charts.
  • Run Files: Displays files output from runs that use a compatible provider.
  • FASTQ Files: Displays files output by the execution of a Bases2Fastq flow when you use cloud-hosted flows.

Troubleshooting Run Monitoring

If ElemBio Cloud data seem out-of-sync with instrument data, the instrument might have lost the network connection.

  1. Reconnect the instrument to the network, and then make sure that the data update in ElemBio Cloud.
  2. If the issue persists, contact Element Technical Support.