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Providers are an integration between a cloud service provider and ElemBio Cloud. Providers use a single source of credentials to connect provider features with features and actions in ElemBio Cloud.

Different providers support different features in ElemBio Cloud. A provider that supports storage connections allows you to stream data directly to a cloud storage bucket. A provider that supports flows allows you to complete FASTQ file generation or secondary analysis.

Provider Types

ElemBio Cloud supports the following provider integrations. For details on adding a provider and provider requirements, see the page for the provider.

  • ElemBio Catalyst: Serves as a native data storage and analysis platform within ElemBio Cloud. ElemBio Catalyst provides cloud buckets that Element manages for you. Supports storage connections, compute activities, flows, data browsing, and file downloading.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Supports storage connections, compute activities, flows, data browsing, and file downloading.
  • DNAnexus: Supports storage connections, compute activities, and flows.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Supports storage connections.
  • Seqera Platform: Supports compute activities and flows.
ElemBio Cloud FeatureElemBio CatalystAWSDNAnexusGCPSeqera
Storage ConnectionsGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen Checkmark
Compute ActivitiesGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen Checkmark
Analysis FlowsGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen CheckmarkGreen Checkmark
Data Browsing and File DownloadingGreen CheckmarkGreen Checkmark
Cloud Integrations Managed by ElementGreen Checkmark

Provider Statuses

A badge on provider cards indicates one of the following connection statuses:

  • Connected: ElemBio Cloud successfully verifies the integration and the temporary credentials for associated services.
  • Unverified: Your integration and the credentials for associated services cannot be verified. The services associated with the provider are unavailable until the issue is resolved. To resolve, verify the provider and review any error messages that appear.

Managing Providers

The following buttons on the provider cards allow you to manage providers. The available actions depend on your user permissions.

  • Verify: Verifies the permissions for data transfers.
    • If the provider is connected, a green success message appears.
    • If a red error message appears, review the error message to address the issue.
  • Edit: Modifies the provider settings. Changes take effect immediately. When updating a credential, make sure to update all fields for the credential.
  • Delete: Deletes the provider and all associated services. When prompted, enter the name of the provider to confirm deletion. Upon confirmation, ElemBio Cloud deletes the provider and all associated services.