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Run Field Descriptions

Elembio Cloud displays the following information for planned, active, and historical runs.

AVITI OSThe AVITI OS version operating the instrument during the runNumeric characters and periods (.)
Connection IDA unique identifier that the instrument assigns to the storage connection to transfer data from the instrumentAlphanumeric characters
Created ByThe name of the team member who creates the planned runAlphanumeric characters
Expires OnExpiration date for a consumableyyyy-mm-dd
Index 1The number of cycles in the Index 1 readNumeric characters
Index 2The number of cycles in the Index 2 readNumeric characters
Instrument:Serial NumberThe instrument serial number24-digit number
Instrument:SideThe instrument name and side
  • Instrument: alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-)
  • Side: Side A or Side B
Library PoolsThe number of library pools in the run1 or 2
Library TypeThe library prep workflowAdept or Elevate
Library StructureThe structure of the input libraryCircular or Linear
Lot NumberThe Element-assigned number for the batch the consumable was manufactured inNumeric characters
OperatorThe name of the person who sets up the run on the instrumentAlphanumeric characters and hyphens
Output LocationThe output location of the run directory, including bases filesURL path to output location
Part NumberThe Element-assigned identifier for the consumableNumeric characters and hyphens
% PFThe percentage of reads in the library pool that pass the quality filter processPercentage
% PhiX AlignedThe percentage of reads in Read 1 and Read 2 that AVITI OS attributes to the PhiX Control LibraryPercentage
PhiX Error RateThe percentage of control reads that do not align to the PhiX Control LibraryPercentage
Q30The percentage of base calls ≥ Q30Percentage
Q40The percentage of base calls ≥ Q40Percentage
Read 1The number of cycles in Read 1Numeric characters
Read 2The number of cycles in Read 2Numeric characters
Read OrderThe order of reads and indexes in the runAlphanumeric characters
Reads1The number of reads the library pool generatesValue in billions (B)
Run DescriptionAn optional description of the run1–500 alphanumeric characters, hyphens, underscores (_), spaces, and periods
Run IDA unique identifier that AVITI OS assigns to the runAlphanumeric characters
Run LengthThe run duration in hours and minuteshh:mm
Run NameThe name of the sequencing run1–64 alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores
Scan AreaThe area of the flow cell that the system imagesNumeric characters and slashes
Sequencing KitThe sequencing kit type and the maximum number of supported cyclesAlphanumeric characters
Serial NumberA unique identifier for the consumableNumeric characters
StatusCurrent run status
  • Planned runs: In Use or no status
  • Active or historical runs: see Run Statuses
StepThe current run step, which appears as "{Status} at {Cycle}/{Total Cycles}" for stopped, failed, or active runs and "Total Cycles: {Cycles}" for completed runsAlphanumeric characters, colons (:), and forward slashes (/)
TagsAny tags assigned to the runAlphanumeric characters
Time CompletedTimestamp indicating run completionyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
Time CreatedTimestamp indicating run creationyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
Time Last UpdatedTimestamp indicating the last run updateyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
Time StartedTimestamp for the start of the runyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
Updated ByThe name of the team member responsible for the last update of the planned runAlphanumeric characters
Yield1The amount of sequencing data generated or projectedValue in gigabases (Gb)

1 The cycle when Elembio Cloud first displays Yield and Reads depends on the library prep workflow.

Sensitive Metadata

By default, AVITI OS sends the following metadata to a secure and customer-specific Elembio Cloud database:

  • Run description
  • Sample names from the run manifest, if applicable

The Elembio Cloud database is separate from the telemetry database. Therefore, telemetry does not collect metadata. If you prefer to keep metadata on-instrument, contact Element Technical Support and request Restrict Metadata mode. When the mode is enabled, a lock appears on the run description in Elembio Cloud and sample names are masked as numbers. The numbering reflects the order of samples in the run manifest.