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Flows are cloud-hosted pipelines that process AVITI System data for analysis, file conversion, and other post-sequencing activities. With verified flows, Element develops the analysis pipeline for you, simplifying analysis setup. Using the verified flows in ElemBio Cloud, you can configure pipelines to automatically initiate analysis when a run completes.


Using a verified flow in ElemBio Cloud requires connections to cloud service providers for a storage connection and compute activities. Before you create a flow, make sure you have configured at least one provider that can fulfill this requirement.

Verified Flows

ElemBio Cloud supports the following verified flows:

Flow Statuses

A badge on flow cards indicates one of the following connection statuses:

  • Connected: ElemBio Cloud successfully verifies the flow.
  • Partially Connected: ElemBio Cloud only successfully completes some of the verifications for the flow, the associated provider, and the providers for any associated storage connections. Review the connection status of the associated providers to identify the issue.
  • Unverified: ElemBio Cloud cannot verify the flow and the associated features. To resolve, verify the associated providers for the flow and the associated storage connections. Review any error messages that appear.

Managing Flows

The following buttons on the flow cards allow you to manage flows. The available actions depend on your user permissions.

  • Edit: Modifies the flow settings.
    • Changes take effect immediately and only apply to future executions.
    • To apply changes to previous or in-progress executions, reexecute the flow.
  • Delete: Removes the flow permanently from ElemBio Cloud. When prompted, enter the name of the flow to confirm deletion.