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Add-ons enable additional capabilities in Elembio Cloud and AVITI OS. The Add-Ons page displays the add-ons for your organization. The View History button displays add-on history for the organization.

To enable or renew an add-on, contact an Element sales representative.

Add-On Features

The Add-Ons page displays cards for each add-on for your organization. The cards display the following information:

  • Add-on name and description
  • Instrument availability
  • Icons for impacted products, such as the AVITI System or Elembio Cloud
  • An expiration date or No Expiry badge
  • A subscription term or Lifetime badge

When an add-on expires, the card displays a red badge with the date of expiration for the next 30 days. After 30 days, the card disappears, and a record of the add-on only appears in the add-on history.

Individually Addressible Lanes

The Individually Addressable Lanes add-on enables loading one library pool in each lane of a flow cell. Only select sequencing kits are compatible with individually addressable lanes, so Elembio Cloud does not let you select two pools for incompatible kits. For more information, see the Element AVITI System User Guide (MA-00008).

Enabling individually addressable lanes enacts the following run planning changes:

  • When you add a planned run and choose a compatible sequencing kit, the selection of a number of library pools becomes available.
  • Planned runs that use individually addressable lanes become unavailable on instruments without the add-on.

High Output Kits

The High Output Kits add-on enables sequencing with high-output kits. Planned runs that use high-output are not available on instruments without the add-on.

Download an Add-On Key for Offline Instruments

Add-ons sync automatically with online instruments. For offline instruments, you must download a product key from the Add-Ons page to complete installation. The key remains valid for 7 days after the download and installs all add-ons available for your organization at the time of download.

The following steps prepare the key for installation:

  1. Connect a USB drive to a USB port on your computer.
  2. On the Add-Ons page, select Download Add-On Key.
  3. Move the downloaded instrument-add-ons.tar.gz file to the root folder of the USB drive.
  4. Complete installation per instructions in the Element AVITI System User Guide (MA-00008).