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Single Sign-On

When you enable SSO, team members can sign in to ElemBio Cloud without managing a separate login. ElemBio Cloud receives data from the SSO IDP to verify user identity and securely authenticate access.

For help setting up SSO with ElemBio Cloud, see the documentation for your SSO IDP. For additional guidance, contact Element Technical Support.

SSO Compatibility

Element can enable SSO for your organization using a compatible IDP, such as the following options:

  • Active Directory
  • Google
  • Okta

For information on compatibility with IDPs and connecting an SSO, contact Element Technical Support.

Using SSO with ElemBio Cloud

After setting up an SSO connection, all SSO users can become team members for your organization. ElemBio Cloud administrators can send invitations to grant access or a team member can visit the organization-specific ElemBio Cloud URL and self-register. SSO users become team members after completing registration.

To restrict ElemBio Cloud access to a select group of SSO users, apply a user group control in the SSO console. A user group control allows only users in the group to become team members. Other users receive an error message when attempting to log in.