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GCS Storage Connections


A GCS storage connection for Elembio Cloud must have access to a Google Cloud project that includes the following components:

GCS Resources

The following Google Cloud documentation provides instructions for meeting GCS connection requirements. Supplement the documentation with the recommendations and requirements in subsequent sections.

TaskGCS Help Links
Create a Google Cloud projectCreating and Managing Projects
Create a Cloud Storage bucketCreate Buckets
Create a service accountCreate Service Accounts
Create a credentialManage HMAC Keys for Service Accounts

Creating the Project and Bucket

Make the Google Cloud project the default project for interoperability.

  1. Select the Interoperability tab from the project console.
  2. Select the new project in the Default project for interoperable address section.
  3. Create the Cloud Storage bucket in the new project.

Creating the Service Account

Grant the Storage Object Admin role when creating the service account.

Creating the HMAC Key

The HMAC key includes an access key and a secret access key. When you create the HMAC key, the access and secret access keys appear onscreen. Record both keys at this time. If you do not record the keys, you must generate new ones. Google does not redisplay the keys.

Add a GCS Storage Connection

  1. Review the requirements for a GCS storage connection.
  2. On the Storage page, select Add Storage.
  3. Select GCS.
  4. In the Storage Name field, enter a unique name for the storage connection.
  5. Enter the bucket name.
  6. If applicable, enter a prefix.
  7. In the Access Key field, enter the access key.
  8. In the Secret Key field, enter the secret access key.
  9. Select Add Storage to add the storage connection.

Edit a GCS Storage Connection

To make sure files successfully transfer from the instrument to the selected output location, Elembio Cloud restricts editing to certain fields. You can only update the storage connection name or credentials. When updating credentials, you must update both the access key and the secret access key.

  1. On the card for the storage connection, select More, and then select Edit.
  2. Update the storage connection information as needed.
  3. Select Save.