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Executions are the recorded executions of a verified flow and monitor the status of a current or historical analysis. Depending on flow configuration, an execution can start manually or automatically.

The Executions page displays a table with all active and historical flow executions. By default, the table displays the most recent executions first. For information on the fields in the table, including execution statuses, see Execution Field Descriptions.

Managing Executions

Use the following selections in the Actions column of the Executions table to perform actions for an execution.

  • View Logs: Review log files to help troubleshoot technical errors with an execution, such as warnings, errors, or erroneous optional arguments.
  • View QC Reports: Review QC reports to help address issues related to the quality of analysis results.
  • Reexecute Flow: Reexecute after troubleshooting an issue or editing the flow for an execution. Complete all prompts for the flow type and then select Execute Flow.