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Google Cloud Platform

ElemBio Cloud integrates with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a cloud service provider. The GCP provider supports storage connections with Google Cloud Storage (GCS). GCS storage connections are compatible with flows from GCP-based accounts on the Seqera Platform.


A GCP connection for ElemBio Cloud must have access to a Google Cloud project that includes the following components:

  • A Cloud Storage bucket: The bucket stores run files output from the AVITI System.
  • A service account: The service account allows ElemBio Cloud to access and transfer data to the bucket.
  • A hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) key that belongs to the service account: The HMAC key serves as a credential that authorizes the service account to transfer data to the bucket.

Creating the Project and Bucket

To create a project and bucket, see Creating and Managing Projects and Create Buckets in the Google Cloud Docs. When you create the project, make the Google Cloud project the default project for interoperability.

  1. Select the Interoperability tab from the project console.
  2. Select the new project in the Default project for interoperable address section.
  3. Create the Cloud Storage bucket in the new project.

Creating the Service Account

To create a service account, see Create Service Accounts in the Google Cloud Docs.

When creating the service account, make sure to apply the Storage Object Admin role to obtain the correct permissions. For more information, see IAM Basic and Predefined Roles Reference in the Google Cloud Docs.

Creating the HMAC Key

The HMAC key includes an access key and a secret access key. When you create the HMAC key, the access and secret access keys appear onscreen. Record both keys at this time. If you do not record the keys, you must generate new ones. Google does not redisplay the keys.

For more information, see Manage HMAC Keys for Service Accounts in the Google Cloud Docs.

Add a GCP Provider

  1. Review the requirements for a GCP connection.
  2. On the Providers page, select Google Cloud Provider.
  3. Enter a unique name.
  4. Enter the access key from the HMAC key associated with the service account for the project.
  5. Enter the secret access key.
  6. Select Save.