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ElemBio Cloud integrates with Seqera as an analysis development platform. The Seqera provider in ElemBio Cloud supports compute activities that can execute verified flows from ElemBio Cloud in the Seqera Platform. Because Seqera can only serve as a provider for flows, you must configure a separate AWS or GCS provider for a storage connection.


Configuration of a Seqera provider with a verified flow requires the following components:

  • An organization on Seqera
  • A workspace for the organization
  • A compute environment within the workspace
  • An access token for a user associated with your organization

For more information on the requirements, see the Workspace Management and Seqera Platform API pages of the Seqera Docs.

Add a Seqera Provider

  1. Review the requirements for a Seqera provider.
  2. On the Providers page, select Seqera.
  3. Enter a unique name.
  4. Enter the Workspace ID of the workspace for executions.
  5. Enter your Organization ID.
  6. Enter the access token generated in Seqera for the user associated with your organization.
  7. Select Save.