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ElemBio Cloud integrates with DNAnexus as a cloud service provider. The DNAnexus provider supports storage connections, compute activities, and verified flows, such as the Bases2Fastq flow. DNAnexus offers a suite of analysis options, including the Bases2Fastq app and options for secondary analysis. For an example workflow configuration, see the Integrating DNAnexus for FASTQ Automation tutorial.


Configuration of a DNAnexus provider requires the following components:

  • A DNAnexus project: The project stores run files output from the AVITI System.
  • An API token with access to the project: The API token serves as a credential for ElemBio Cloud to transfer data.
  • A workflow that uses the Bases2Fastq app: The workflow allows you to execute Bases2Fastq and other analyses. Make sure to note the workflow ID, which the DNAnexus user interface displays when you select a workflow.

For more information on these requirements, see the User Interface Quickstart and Authentication pages in the DNAnexus Documentation.

Add a DNAnexus Provider

  1. On the Providers page, select DNAnexus.
  2. Enter a unique name.
  3. Enter the API token for the DNAnexus project.
  4. Select Save to create the provider.